Sunday, 18 October 2009

Pete Doherty [3]

Pete Docherty is a talentless, drug-addled cunt


  1. He is a doped up cunt.

  2. And to think our young people look up to this cunt.Says it all about the state of our country.

  3. Same story again; heard near a bus stop by the cop shop.
    Skanky youth complaining to all and sundry " How come that cunt Docherty gets let off time after facking time for heroin and all kindsa shit but when they do me I get fackin' banged up big time ?!?"

    To say he has my sympathy would be exagerating ( since I wish he would fuck off and die ) , but he does have a point.

  4. I thought Docherty was dead.
    We can sort the drug 'problem' out over a weekend.
    All drugs that have been confiscated should be mixed with poison. the drugs should then be 'given' to known drug dealers.

    They can't sell it if nobody is there to buy it.

  5. I am a moaning fuckwit and agree that the way to deal with drug dealer CUNTS is to stick 'em in a room with piles of Bob Hope and let them feast - as long as they don't come out two days later asking for a snickers bar and a bit of weed to take the edge off! Docherty and Winehouse could test run the scheme known as the "Dochouse" experiment.