Thursday, 1 October 2009

Michael Moore

Micheal Moore is a slovenly bloated anti-capitalist pig-fucking un-American millionaire cunt.

Nominated by Dr.Dave


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  2. A while back someone else nominated him and "Mr Twat" turned down the request.
    It gives me no pleasure to resubmit the appeal, in that Guido Fawkes has become a media whore, and part of the establishment. Therefore He is a cunt!

  3. The Daily Mail - fascist cunts who are always telling us what to think and what we should be offended by.

    Paul Dacre - the cunt who edits the aforementioned newspaper. Amazed he's not on this blog yet. Although GrumpyOldTwat might not agree to this request when he reads that it's reported that his staff refer to his his morning editorial meetings as the "Vagina Monologues". Why? Because of his habit of calling everybody a "cunt". I wish I was making this up, I really do...

  4. Tyhank fuck for Michael Moore. I second Guido for an award. He is an arsehole.

  5. I third the Guido nomination and I nominate AMW as a cunt for nominating Walter Smith as a blue nose hun cunt.

    So AMW is a Hibs/Celtic cock sucking cunt!

  6. Danny Dyer for sucking off criminals and wanting to be a gangsta, but instead producing crap tv for Bravo.

  7. Mr Reaper, this is not my blog but cunting an inanimate object such as a crap newspaper is inapropriate; furthermore, your imprecision might lead to the cunting of some innocent organ such as the Charleston Daily Mail.

    Perhaps it would be acceptable if you specified your cunting to Daily Mail ( UK ) Managing Director: Guy Zitter or Editor: Paul Dacre.

    Back O/T Michael Moore is a sad fat specky cunt and the only reason that I don't say his films are even more rubbish pretentious bollox than kiddie-fucker Polanski is that I haven't been arsed to watch any of them so am in no position to judge, thank fuck.

  8. I'll profer a cunting for Guido as well.

    In addition to the aforementioned reasons, he is so very smug.

    Typical post recently:

    "I'm going for a picnic, and I'm going to have loads of Pimms and Guinness, wow, I drink a lot don't I, I'm sooo cool."

    People who brag about their drinking are usually pitiful cunts who still get dizzy and throw up after five pints of bitter.

    Guido, fuck off you fat media whore cunt!

  9. Rant over.

    Michael Moore is a top class cunt as well...

  10. John Cowen the evil cunt needs a cunting, for saying we need a license to sup a pint.

  11. I wish to reiterate a cunting I nominated for Guido some months ago. I repeat in italics...

    Paul Staines is a sanitised, establishment cock sucking cunt.

    Then finally...

    Gigits, I rarely if ever go there anymore as it has become dare we make comments in the language that made the fuckers blog what it is. Besides you'd be lucky if he posted more than a thread or two a day, so why bother.

    He has sold his blog out to the establishment, and did as soon as uber cunt Draper called him a racist...he got all scared and scurried away to suck on establishment cock. He has gotten used to the attention and doesn't want to jeopardise it by allowing comments and comments in by those who made the cunt what he is today.

    I'm disappointed and think he is indeed a sanitised and establishment cock sucking cunt. That being said I don't really expect GOT to allow him to be cunted if he doesn't want to as this is just my opinion, having haunted OrderOrder from near the start.

    He now thoroughly deserved a cunting, and by fuck am I getting sick of the fuckers reference to stat porn. I think he is now done and I am with him too. Pity.

  12. Houdini, you have some issues with statporn, don't you, buddy?

    Statporn is just a blogger's way of celebrating their ability to capture an audience, it's a bit narcissistic but it's not the end of the world.

    I would do it myself, but my figures are shit and most of the people who found my place stayed for 0 seconds!

  13. Yep, when they start waving their dicks about with their figures, it does incense me, but not through jealousy. They are supposed to be bloggers, and do real bloggers worry about the figures? They made their names as outspoken and free speech supporting bloggers, and that was the bottom line.

    The bottom line is now the stat porn and that is partly what has made them the media whores they are now.

    Look at GF's latest post where he points people at Fringelist, now how much does he get paid per click for that? Maybe nothing...

  14. David Letterman is such a cunt.

  15. Harriet Harman is an arrogant, thick, man-hating cunt. And one who fucks off after accidents - "I'm HH, you know where you can find me". Fucker.

  16. Well fuck me to tears, the good Dr. beat me to this total fucking assbag....

    How about Nacy Pelosi? Can she be a cunt one of these days???

  17. Pelosi is an evil alien invasion body snatcher cunt.