Monday, 26 October 2009

James Blunt [2]

James Blunt is a talentless media-whoring cunt.

Nominated by Daniel


  1. AllSeeingEye is a cunt.

  2. Oi, AnonyCunt

    Is that a statement or a nomination?

    If it's a nomination, according to my rule Cii you have unfortunately automatically cunted yourself by trying to nominate a Senior Cunter who is protected from cunts like you by wearing an anti-cunt vest which cunts cunts like you when cunts like you try to cunt the uncuntable.

    If it's a statement, you're wrong.
    Which, according to my rule Civ makes you a cunt.

  3. I 2nd that sentiment, GOT.

    In fact, I'd like to nominate "Anonymongs" for a good cunting. They are a thoroughly annoying species of cowardly lowlife cunts that infests the blogosphere.

  4. GrumpyOldTwat,
    You're being a little unfair here. Some months ago, someone anonymously nominated you to be given a cunting. You agreed to post yourself on the grounds that "I am an offensive cunt, after all".

    Infact, you appear twice on this blog alone. The second time, you were "a cunt that cunts cunts". Isn't All Seeing Eye technically one as well in the circumstances?

  5. On another note, I would like to nominate Norwich City Council. Why? After receiving a letter from some homophobic old bat, they thought the best course of action was not to ignore her letter, but to forward it to the police on the grounds a hate crime might have been committed. See here.

    You couldn't make this stuff up if you tried...

  6. My blog, my rules Grim but as a regular and respected contributor to this place of cuntishness, the least I can do is offer you an explanation.

    I am undoubtedly an offensive cunt that cunts cunts. TheEye cunts cunts but is not a cunt (see above) therefore he cannot be a cunt that cunts cunts, he is a cunter that cunts cunts.

    However, under rule Ciii he can self cunt if he wishes to do so. That's his decision.

  7. Well said G.O.T.; The Grim Reaper need only refer to Rule 2. "My blog, my rules so I decide who has enough cuntitude to be cunted"
    while anonyminge also falls foul of Rule 1 "make up a name you lazy cunts or I probably won't be arsed to cunt your cunt.

    Good link from TGR btw.

  8. GOT said to me: "I am undoubtedly an offensive cunt that cunts cunts. TheEye cunts cunts but is not a cunt, therefore he cannot be a cunt that cunts cunts, he is a cunter that cunts cunts."

    Well, that's fair enough then. Thanks for clarifying that one.

  9. Roger Moore is a cunt for those Post Office adverts.

    Best comment I heard was when supping a pint the other day an that ad came on. At the line where he asks "Where am I" a voice cried out "In the Post Office you senile old wanker."

    Laugh I nearly spilt me beer.

  10. I hereby nominate Chris Evans, shouldn't be difficult to know why.

  11. Heads, do you mean the redhead radio cunt or the actor cunt?

    I'm tempted to cunt both of them, just out of fairness.

  12. All seeing cunt em both, the cunts.

  13. This site does not discriminate against anyone and offers Equal Opportunities cunting.

  14. I'd fuck James Blunt. But then I'm desperate and would hump a leg like a bitch in heat if given the chance. And just because I'd shag him doesn't mean he isn't a cunt.

  15. Technically, if you want to fuck him he must be a cunt.

    Or an arsehole.