Thursday, 8 October 2009

Harriet Harman [4]

Harriet Harman is a law breaking car crash of a cunt.

Nominated by BeGoneGordon and Banned


  1. Harriet Harman [4]; Well 4 cuntings must be some sort of record Harriet, don't you think ? Why do you suppose that you are the recipient ? Might it be because you are a total and utter cunt ? " You know where to find me " shows a level of arrogant cuntishness that is unforgivable.

    So, simple question for you. Did you or did you not report to a Police Station the facts of your crashing into a stationary vehicle within 24 hours of the ( witnessed ) alleged incident ? We won't even go into whether you might have been drunk or not since by fleeing the scene you have denied us of any proof.

    Clearly you have not fully benefitted from the public school education that you enjoyed in that it did not fully instill in you the sense of service, public duty and not being a cunt that is their main purpose.
    Tell us right here and right now why you should not jump off Suicide Bridge, Archway N. London where it crosses The Great North Rd ? ( Lawfull Assistance may be available, where required ).

  2. I agree with all of the above.But i want to nominate the ne plus ultra of cunts, Lord "Charlie" Falconer. Who is a greedy unelected pompous cunt