Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Chris Evans

Chris Evans is an annoying cringeworthy cunt.

Nominated by HeadsonPoles


  1. Sir,I second that.This talentless twat has made MILLIONS from being a talentless twat.this world is really,really fucked up.I wouldn't pay this cunt in peanuts.

  2. I hate this cunt with a passion and the very IDEA that he might replace Terry Wogan on Radio 2 is a complete fucking OUTRAGE.

  3. Evans couldn't replace a fucking light bulb ..

    I've always thought of him as being like Harry Potter .. with rust ..

    BTW .. word verification = "tonesso" .. has some Socialist EU loving tosser been in here ?

  4. Richard Bacon is a smarmy, spotty fifteen year old DJ cunt.

    He is on the radio solely so blind people can find out what a cunt he is.

    Also best friends with the second biggest ginger cunt on the planet, after Mick Hucknell.


  5. I really despise this talentless, one-trick pony of a cunting cunt. Good post Sir, thanks for adding this wanker to the list of cunts.

  6. He drives posh cars round the Ascot area like some child/man with an ego the size of a small lettuce. He is the archetypal small prick, ginger male with little man syndrome and zero personality love child of fucking Charlie Drake (oh, sorry, that's Mick Fucknall) autocue reading cunt of cunts. With chocolate sprinkle cunts on top.

  7. Ugly, talentless, cunt

  8. I hate this ginger cunt with a passion and if I was to meet him in person I would cave his fucking face in.

    Talentless wanker of the highest order.

    What is worrying is that this cunt is fucking breeding. No doubt producing other ginger cunts.

    What kind of woman would open her legs and let this cunt climb on top of her? Makes me want to vomit.

  9. This guys is naturally a highly irritating ginger cunt.

    Then add that to working for the BBC, which adds further arrogance, bullshit and PC'ness and he's off the scale.

    Annoying fucking twat cunt dick head!