Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Walter Smith

Walter Smith is a blue nose hun cunt.

Nominated by AMW


  1. Ha ha ha what a cunt Walter, you lost 4-1 tonight. You stupid stupid stupid hun cunt.

  2. The Sun newspaper - cunts who are deserting a sinking ship. Evidence:

    The Simmons family - unruly cunts. See this:

    And on a lighter note. Not sure if this will be accepted, but what the hell...

    The Devil's Kitchen - a clever cunt who likes to call politicians cunts.

  3. Walter Smith: award winning butchers ... Our Dry Cured Free Range Streaky Bacon gained 3 Gold Stars in the 2008 Great Taste Awards plus the Heart of England Fine Foods award for the Best ...
    To be fair , not much to cunt about here.

  4. I want to nominate Mahmoud Ahmadi Nejad as a cunt.
    "President Mahmoud Ahmadi Nejad of Iran is a nuclear power seeking Iranian slipper slapping cunt"

  5. Micheal Moore is a slovenly bloated anti-capitalist pig-fucking un-American millionaire cunt.

  6. Spook, you fucking cunt!

    I suppose you support Hibs then?

    You fucking bender, just wait till I get my hands on you!!!!


  7. " fucking bender " Wow Rab, there's a blast from the good old homophobe past !
    Fav slagging off phrase from my teenage years for those consideed to be insufficiently hetero though I always prefered " queer cunt" meself.

  8. Shooter McGavin6 March 2012 at 21:56

    Smith is a bitter old cunt now wheeled out to explain to the neaderthals that it's everyone else's fault that they've got no cunting money and no cunting future