Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Tony Benn

Tony Benn is a typically Socialist cunt.

Nominated by BeGoneGordon


  1. Can I just put you right here. Tony Benn is NOT a socialist cunt at all, he is a cunt that believes in socialism and spouts socialist fucking shite, but he is himself NOT a socialist.

    How can he be when he has millions in the bank and is a huge land owner? He may have given up the titles, but that's fucking it...the cunt kept all the trappings, loot and fucking property.

    Easy to claim to believe in socialism when you can fucking afford to and can live the life of luxury in private.

  2. Probably a big a cunt as his son/nephew/bastard love child or whatever he is Hilarious Bone.

  3. Isn't he the cunt who is letting the coast erode the fuck away except just the bit where he lives ?
    Mind you, he did say this of the EU

    "What power have you got?

    Where did you get it from?

    In whose interests do you use it?

    To whom are you accountable?

    How do we get rid of you?

    cuddly Socialist cunt nevertheless and all the more dangerous.


  4. He scrapped Britains space programme because he said it would cost too much, and that just before others starting paying billions for satellites to be put up. We led the world, literally, and could have been earning billions, but he scrapped it. Rumour was then because he didn't want the UK to get a credible ICBM programme to threaten his freinds in the USSR.

    Commie cunting Government minister at the time.