Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Sharon Shoesmith

Sharon Shoesmith is a weapons grade cunt.

Nominated by Last of the Few


  1. She's also a dog ugly cunt as well...........

  2. This cheeky cunt actually tried to get her fucking overpaid job back.

    18/20 on the new Beta CuntoMeter.

  3. Banned: The Beta CuntoMeter. Is it the same as the old CuntoMeter, but goes up to 20?

    We need to know. We want answers. We want the truth, even if we can't handle it!

  4. Gigits, no it's not the same; it ha a Capitalised 'M' in the middle and allows finer gradation of cuntitishness into 20 grades hence the " Beta".
    Hope that helps.

  5. Fuck off you fucking usless incompetent Looney, Labour, leftie, Lesbian!

  6. Banned: That completely clears everything up.

    That M is the difference between a non-decisive Cuntometer and a decisive CuntoMeter

    God bless you and your contribution to humanity.

  7. @Banned
    as a total novice in your specialist field of Cuntometry, let me also congratulate you on the release of your new Beta CuntoMeter.
    It takes away all the guesswork of the outdated model.
    The problematic old 9/10 cuntitude measurement could have meant anything between 17/20 --> 19/20.
    Now its possible to zoom right in to 18/20.

    I anticipate the development of a device that goes up to 100, and takes us into undreamed-of levels of accuracy.

  8. 'Beta CuntoMeter'

    Fucking brilliant, Banned, as always.

    I'm now trying to find a way of including it into each cunting. May be a tall order though so if anyone has any decent suggestions . . . ?

  9. shameless hag i wdnt even after 10 pints !!

  10. winston, you're one choosy cunt. I'd give her one sober. But I wouldn't kiss her.

  11. phew ! tweed you are one brave man lol i take my hat off to you ............. then again with the light off ............. i must have a lie down

  12. Cuntfinder General11 October 2010 at 23:47

    It may not be possible to completely define the precise level of some cunts Cuntishness due to the Uncertainty Principle. There will always be some vague undefined Cunt Cloud surrounding any precise figure. The best we can hope for is a probabilty that someone is a Cunt of a certain order.