Monday, 10 August 2009

Nat West

Nat West are a bank of cunts.

Nominated by Fido


  1. Cuntitude by the ton. Bank account shall be fucking off to another bank/building soc. next week.

  2. Justice Gibson is a right cunt. So is Dr. Mengele Holdren. Take your pick.


  3. Pete Doherty is a useless druggie cunt.

    I've even linked you a pic. what a cunt he is.

  4. Oh yes, good nomination: how could i have forgotten Pete Doherty?
    Absolute total smackhead cunt.
    Hate these weedy-physique popstars who think theyre hard as nails, and go round attacking decent folks.
    Should be sentenced to life-cuntitude on this site, seeing as he just escapes with probation every time he's up in court.

  5. Natwest are indeed cunts. Most UK banks are.

    Barclays are interest-charging greedy cunts

    Bank of Scotland are money printing, account closing cunts

    HSBC are overly cautious with process and indian-call centre

    Lloyds also outsource to India and employ arseholes - they are the biggest cunts.

    All banks are cunts. They take taxpayer money and pocket it for big bonuses and then increase interest to fuck us over.

    The banking elite are CUNTS

  6. One of these has been done before. But since it's now legal to name them, I think a cunting for all three is merited.

    Steven Barker, Jason Owen/Barker and Tracey Connolly.

  7. James Gray - he would be the Tory MP who had an affair while his wife was battling breast cancer.

    This makes him a despicable weapons-grade cunt, in my opinion.

  8. copy & paste of my comment re Royal Bank Of Scotland above
    "How happy I am not to have an account with these cunts.
    Making fortunes by overcharging and high rates on loans yet not lending to hard pressed companies and hoarding all our bailout money for their bonuses when they think we are not looking.

  9. cuntwest are indeed a bunch of limp wristed CUNTS