Saturday, 8 August 2009

England Cricket Team

The England Cricket Team are gutless cunts.

Nominated by G.O.T.


  1. Ronnie Biggs is a vile, resource wasting cunt.

  2. Houdini, along with the rest of the train robbers.

    Oh an the cunt Jack Straw who tried to look hard by keeping him banged up.

  3. That's right DL.

    Those ashes are all that's left of the pride, dedication and honour of English Cricket following the recent, pathetic performance at Headingly by the overpaid useless cunts that currently represent the National team.

  4. a very timely cunting.

    need to get their fucking act together for the Oval

  5. Fucking certainly wasn't any good. An innings and 80 runs, Fuck Me. Is Flitoff the only player they've got. Make him captain and get rid of that cold fish Strauss.