Saturday, 15 August 2009

Davina McCall

Davina McCall is a fuckwit cunt.

Nominated by Frosty


  1. Another totally fucking stupid leftie Labour stooge, all these fucking so-called "celebraties" they're all the fucking same, all trying to out-lick eachother up that fucking useless wanker Brown's arse! Then if something goes ever so slightly wrong for them, there is fucking Brown on the phone to them to offer some "moral support"! (That stupid fucking mentally unstable nutter by the name of Susan Boyle or Jade Goody a case in point) I suppose that is what his fucking stupid "moral compass" is for. God these fucking leftie socialist namby pamby wimps fucking piss me off! Does Brown honestly fucking think he will win more votes by doing this? Although I imagine all these fucking stupid brain dead leftie dweebs that think that that Big Brother freak show fucking crap is a "good programme" will fall for his charms every time. Yet at the same time Brown never ever attends a single funeral service of one of our brave service men or women that are killed in action in Afghanistan. It's our brave troops who are the REAL heroes and NOT these fucking stupid brain-dead mentally retarded shallow fucking leftie dweeby "celebraties" Why can't they Just all fuck the fucking fuck off?

  2. She is a brainless cunt, but I'd fuck the arse off her.

  3. Does the cunt take it from behind ?