Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Alex Hilton [2]

Alex Hilton is a LabourList cunt.

Nominated by Houdini


  1. who the fuck is this nobody cunt ?

  2. Here he is.
    The cunt.

    btw, good to see you back, Banned :-)

  3. Cheers G.O.T., I don't waste my time reading Labour bloggs so it's little wonder I've never heard of the cunt.
    I came across the following splendid cunting during my recent absence.

    " Harry, let's face it; I'm not being funny and I mean no disrespect but you're a cunt.
    You're a cunt now, you've always been a cunt and, the only thing that's gonna change is your gonna become an even bigger cunt.
    You may have some more cunt kids..."
    "Leave my fucking kids out of it ! what have they done ? You fucking retract that bit about my cunt fucking kids"
    ( A reprise of Ben Kingsleys role in Sexy Beast ).
    " I retract that bit about your cunt fucking kids "
    " Insulting my fucking kids ! That's going overboard mate"."

    "I retracted that didn't I ? Still leaves you being a cunt ".

    I would be prepared to offer a small prize to the first of your cunters who correctly identifies the source.

  4. Ok after Headingly result

    England Cricket Team for being shit a cricket

  5. @banned...
    you are ken & harry in bruges, and i claim my fucking reward, you quizmastering cunt

  6. @dontmakemelarf you are quite right and here is your prize: this is how you link stuff, free lesson.
    Hotlinkin' < click here for your free prize, flash cunt.

  7. heh, actually thats quite useful,.. but alas a little too late for my recent debacle.

    banned is a most helpful cunt