Saturday, 11 July 2009

Michael Fish

Michael Fish is a weathered cunt.

Nominated by Banned


  1. Thanks to this Weatherforcuntster I ended up trapped by a raging torrent in front and a fallen tree behind on a short length of A road in deepest Hertfordshire.

    There were 6 or 7 other blokes in their cars and vans but no bloody women with wailing babies so we counted as fuck-all priority and only got sorted about 4pm by a council gang on their way back to their nearby depot.

    Fish, you CUNT, I have never forgiven you.

  2. The only time you see this cloaca now is when he appears on TV programmes trying to absolve himself from blame over that Hurricane business.

    He always looked like an unrepentant paedophile to me.

  3. the cunts reappearance on tv is unbelievable,its definitely not for his warmth or charm,the chip shouldering,whining,incompetent fishy cunt....arrymonk