Friday, 24 July 2009

Lily Allen

Lily Allen is a Labour luvvy cunt.

Nominated by Rab C. Nesbitt


  1. Talentless mockney cunt. I fucking hate her. Shag her? If it was a choice between my fucking hand and her, I'd always choose madame palm and her five lovely daughters. They won't give me an STD.

    I nominate her dad - Keith Allen for being a complete tosser, fathering this bitch, all those fucking England football songs (when he hates England) and Robin Hood on Al Beeb (which I hear is utter multi-culti shite).

  2. Agree with Gigits on this her dad is a fucking uber cunt,and as for that shite programme he appears in,my old man used to tell me if a black person walked down the street in the fifties they all came out to stare because they hadnt seen a black person before but he must have it wrong because the beeb tell us they were here in medieval times,i dont know my old man memory like a fish!

  3. Still, eyes on the prizes, guys: even if you don't want to press the buttons, you've got to admire the dashboard, surely?

  4. This cunt is up for re-nomination for her recent file sharing propaganda.

    Lily Allen is a money grabbing enemy of the people cunt.

  5. yeah, i agree. LA is only one up from Slagienna Miller on the cuntgraph. She makee Kerry Katona seem talented and fragrant, the over-vibratoed cunt!

  6. From HurlingDervish.

    North Northwester -

    Dunno about that, you need 'yer varifocals tested. She's got tits grayer, more depressed and flatter than a couple of fucking cold fried eggs mate.
    Fucking shameful! I wouldn't even touch it with yours my son.