Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Julia Middleton [2]

Julia Middleton is an unfit for purpose cunt.

Nominated by Banned


  1. Let the odious cunt tell you herself
    "Power: Julia Middleton, Common Purpose CEO, on leadership qualities" It's only 2mins long

    Juloa Middlecunt gobs off

    It has been on their VEOH website for 4 weeks but I'm the only twat who's been arsed to watch it so far.

  2. Chris Moyles, Jonathan Ross and well any cunt on Radio cunting 1.

  3. " Ministers are being urged to target older people as well as young binge drinker... " by this bansturbating cunt
    Sally Scriminger Foundation66 'charity'

    Telegraph 14/7

  4. Fido, they've been done. Although both are worth a second cunting.

    How about Radio 1, though. That is a cunting disgrace, or maybe the BBC in general?

  5. Gigits, I NEVER listen to BBC Radio 1, Radio Caroline was way better. Talking of which has anyone noticed how listening to BBC DAB Radio is even more fucking annoying than listening to Radio Luxemburg underneath the blankets ?

    All that going ^*$ in and out of tune wh*bt&^ and the cunts call that progress ?

  6. I was just about to ask who she was/is. Unfortunately 'is'.

  7. She's a fuckin deranged cunt, fuck me she is an alien cunt. what kind of wierd bitch keeps sqeezing an invisible spacehopper? I know Max fuckin Bygraves sung " You need heyaaaands" but she needs the cunts tying to her feet and being rolled down a big hill. Cunt off middlecunt