Saturday, 4 July 2009

Ed Balls

Ed Balls is ineluctably a cunt.

Nominated by Ex-Pat Alfie


  1. Keith Vaz or Bob Ainsworth - take your pick if I can only have one.

  2. The Arch Dhimmi of fucking Canterbury!!!. Bliar (another cunt) said in 97 that, "New Labour don't do God" - Well they fucking do now, and he's called Allah!!!

    New Labour have managed to manipulate a "Grade A" weapons Cunt into the position of ecumenical apologist for sharia law. And on that note how about Anjem Choudary? A cunt, a twat, scum, poisonous filth, but oddly enough still at liberty on the streets of Britain. The mind truly boggles!

  3. Sadly for Ed he only has the one expression: the 'public schoolboy who's just spotted a pie van' look. Cunt.