Friday, 10 July 2009

Comic Relief

Comic Relief are scrounging cunts.

Nominated by Gigits


  1. Fuck off Lenny, always going on about starving bloody Africans who didn't want to know about Europe when it was a plague ridden medieval shit-heap but now it's the land of milk'n'honey they think it's alright to wail and moan; here, have £7B Free Money courtesy of G8, no wait, make that £9B, but please fuck off and die, cunt.

  2. Why doesnt he send his wife over and they could eat her,she would last em fucking years,hes a selfish fucking bastard.

  3. Ahhh, Comic Relief's 'Red Nose Day': my least favourite day of the year (after Children in Need).

    Any charity associated with the BBC or Sainsbury's has got to be suspect.

    My reasons are simple: the BBC are utter cunts and Sainsbury's (the main Comic Relief sponsor) are cunts for providing inter-book employment to Jamie Oliver.

    GOT: I nominate "JAMIE OLIVER" - he is a first class cunt who is a friend of New Labour and is a flobby gobbed wanker.

  4. YEs, I second Jamie Oliver, what a cunt he is !