Friday, 17 July 2009

Coleen Rooney

Collen Rooney is an annoying cunt.

Nominated by Gigits


  1. Martin Sutherland is a totalitarian establishment cock-sucking cunt:

    (find pic + reason here)

  2. She is a cunt, but, I've had a drink now and would now like to fuck the arse off her.

    Nah, forget it, I'd keep thinking about Wayne being there before me.

  3. G.O.T. On a topical sporting theme what about, Tom Watson is a champion old cunt and Tiger Woods is a black sumphy cunt.(Sorry Scottish adjective but it sums the cunt up).

  4. Why is she carrying that book ? Can she read ?
    I'll have to wimp out on this one as I don't see her on my not-got-a-telly and the Telegraph rarely troubles me with her antics so it's just 2/10 on the old Cuntorolla for her.

  5. Fucking Virgin cunting Media and their crappy telly that decides to freeze every cunting 2 fucking minutes are also cunts.

  6. News Editor of BBC Radio 2 is a cunt for saying that The MOD only spied on maimed soldiers " that they suspected of fraud and had saved the taxpayer millions of pounds ".

    Lying cunt, no-one was specifically 'suspected', they just threatened them all and they saved fuck all.

    Handy hint to Bloggers with *coms probs * in the S/W > use 02, everyone else does around here because the others are crap, except for the Police who have to Go Cheap so don't know what's going on in the valleys or on the beaches with steep cliffs, LOL X Banned.

  7. Mark Haysom must be a cunt because The Ranting Penguin says so in
    Cunt-watch: Mark Haysom

  8. I'd like to bend Collen over, break her open like a shot gun and load both tubes, cunt or not.