Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Alan Whicker

Alan Whicker is a kill-me-now cunt.

Nominated by Banned & Gigits


  1. I'm still laughing about that comment by Banned!

  2. What, this one Gigits?

    Alan Whicker is a self glorifying mental cunt too and was left in the limelite way past his kill-me-now date..

    IMFO, another absolute fucking classic from Banned!

  3. Praise indeed, that turn of phrase came just as the vod was kicking in.


  4. First class butt head motherfucker, wickers fuckin world, this egotistic son of a bitch actually thinks the world is his..
    Sitting on a fuckin train eating freshly baked bread for the photo shot and then getting pissed up to the eye balls on special brew once the photo shoot is over.
    I've got your number whicker, your days are fuckin numbered.
    What is wrong with these inbreds, he is Like Stephen Fry with his what the fuckin hell is all the fuckin fuss about attitude..
    We are all rich and lazy and when we need money we do a few adverts or voice overs, or offer our views on things we know fuck all about