Monday, 6 July 2009

Alan Sugar

Alan Sugar is a Labour luvvy cunt.

Nominated by Frosty


  1. Never watched his programme and never will, but he's still a cunt.

  2. To this fucking day not forgiven for inflicting the Amstrad cuntin e-mailer on humanity.

    A war crime of a machine.

    I worked in a callcentre an had to deal with the irate customers bleating about it calling an 09 premium rate number.

  3. He's a miserable baggy faced ego on top of an arsehole, Essex dwelling cunt. I should know, he's my Dad.

  4. I am a moaning fuckwit and say that Sir Alan looks a little tired - in a Syd James wrinkly faced type of way - and should take a rest, preferably an extended stay in the new German microwave that seats two! That would dry out the old fucking CUNT who sold empty tin boxes pretending to be stereo separates!