Thursday, 23 July 2009

Alan Sugar [2]

Alan Sugar is an ermine coated cunt.

Nominated by Be Gone Gordon


  1. I once bought an Amstrad stereo. It was fucking useless.

    Sugar, you cunt!

  2. You twat Gigits, never bought anything from this cunt so now he steals my money by getting a Govt. sinecure and pension.
    I give him three months before he gets fucked off with it.

  3. I must admit - I am a twat.

    In fact I nominate myself as a cunt.

  4. "In fact I nominate myself as a cunt."
    Priceless but a meagre 1/10 for you.

  5. Gigits, you are entitled to your opinion because as you know I am a huge fan of 'freedom of speech' but I am unable to give you a cunting on the grounds that I don't want to. My blog, my rules, blah blah ;-)

    If pushed I'll go with Banned and give you 1/10 cuntometer rating, in the comments here, just to keep a mate happy. After all I don't want you to feel left out especially as I have already given myself a good cunting on this blog ;-)

  6. Thanks for not cunting me. I was drunk and stupid (I still am).

  7. dontmakemelarf24 July 2009 at 18:19

    just had sky+ installed... now on the 2nd amstrad replacement box within a fortnight, and this ones not fit for purpose either.
    id fare better with an empty cornflake box and a few pieces of wire.
    so yes, hes a cunt alright

  8. dontmakemelarf: And this cunt has been made Industry Tsar (or whatever wanky title they made up for him). He is just a shyster.

  9. Another fucking leftie Labour stooge wanker that I fucking hate!

  10. Banned said in July:- I give him three months before he gets fucked off with it.

    Close. It's November and he's reduced to swearing at journalists, telling them there is no fucking recession. Hmmmm. He should maybe come to my place of work and have a look.

    Arrogant, talentless cunt.

  11. What an absolute cunt - this cock-sucker should rot in hell for fleecing so many people with his fucking second rate Amstrad tower systems. The mark of a real cunt. Only redemed himself with his cheap (and quite good actually) Personal Computers (PC1640). Still a prize cunt though!